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Student Success

“Diego’s workshops present ways for me to access things in dance and integrate the contemporary and historical world. His language of dance is unique, articulate,and educational. He is able to use energetic movement that reaches a community who discovers a communication within the workshop and gives a new understanding to dance. Diego Piñón is someone who inspires… Read More »

Diego Biography

Diego Piñón Diego Piñón was born in Mexico city in 1957. He deepened his Mexican roots when, in 1975, he entered training with Mexican teachers of Energetic Movement. In 1979 he completed studies in the social sciences and began dancing at the Centro Superior de Coreografia in Mexico. He continued his body exploration through the… Read More »

Personal Statement

Personal Statement “As human beings used the energy of nature to survive, they created the first primitive forms of movement. In the Butoh dance we relive the sense of these primitive forms as a way to rescue all the lost parts of the human being. Butoh challenges us to empty our ordinary judgements, expectations, habitual… Read More »