Diego Biography

By | November 6, 2020

Diego Piñón

Diego Piñón was born in Mexico city in 1957. He deepened his Mexican roots when, in 1975, he entered training with Mexican teachers of Energetic Movement. In 1979 he completed studies in the social sciences and began dancing at the Centro Superior de Coreografia in Mexico. He continued his body exploration through the study of therapies, including Bioenergetics, Core Energetics, and Gestalt. In Mexico, he studied contemporary dance in the Graham, Limon, and Horton methods, and theater techniques, especially Ritual Theater, and trained with teachers of theater companies such as the Odin Theater, the Roy Hart Theater, and Teatro Tascabile. He also learned the contemporary movement and therapy techniques of Release, Alexander and Klein.

Since 1987, Diego has trained in master techniques of Butoh, a Japanese style of Ritual Dance. Among his teachers are the renowned Butoh masters Natsu Nakajima, Kazuo Ohno, Yoshito Ohno, Min Tanaka, Hisako Horikawa and Mitsuyo Uesugui.

In 1993 Diego was invited to participate with the Japanese Butoh dance group Byakko-Sha in the dance “Hibari to Nejaka”. In 1994 he was invited to an artistic Encounter in Japan with the Butoh dance group Maijuku, directed by Min Tanaka, dancing in the piece “The ancient woman”. He also presented his first Butoh Ritual Dance piece “Zacuala,” in Kyoto.

In April 2000, Diego was invited to perform his own work in collaboration with McCaleb Dance of San Diego. July through September of 2000, supported by the Japan foundation, Diego returned to Japan to develop a dance work with the guidance of Kazou and Yoshito Ohno.

Currently, throughout Mexico, Europe, and North America, Diego choreographs, performs, and teaches actors, dancers, therapists and the general public in Butoh Mexicano, Ritual Dance.

Now doing Washington water damage restoration in Seattle.

Will continue his path to dance rituals.