By | May 2, 2022


A full repertoire of solo Butoh Mexicano Ritual Dance pieces.


Classes, workshops and special projects, for beginning to professional dancers, actors, therapists and the general public. These can range from 3 hour master classes to 12 -15 hour weekend workshops, to two week intensives or more, utilizing techniques to facilitate the body/mind/perception training and creative process to develop Butoh dance work.

While the choreographic development and artistic performance of Butoh Dance is the external intention of Piñón’s work, his vision of Butoh challenges us to empty our ordinary judgements, expectations, habitual actions and needs, to allow the emergence of a deeper self.

For Piñón, an essential step is the development and opening of the energetic centers of the body, propelling us to awaken and explore all our qualitites, both simple and outrageaous. On this path we rediscover our inner spaces, push the infinite limits of our bodies, approach the origin of our impulses, and touch our subtle vibrations, to experience, if only for a moment, our inexplicable matter – the human soul, both beautiful and ugly.

Through this process, the dancer creates an artistic performance, deeply exposing who they are, making their request and their offering, creating an energetic exchange with the audience, inviting everyone to encounter a deep part of themselves and their connections to others. We can tranform our dance and our daily life, including our personal attitudes and behaviors, as well as our physical well being.

Then we experience a source of energy and knowing that is beyond our identity and imagination, connected deep into the earth, our ancestral origins, the energy within and beyond nature and all of who we are.

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