Student Success

By | November 18, 2021

“Diego’s workshops present ways for me to access things in dance and integrate the contemporary and historical world. His language of dance is unique, articulate,and educational. He is able to use energetic movement that reaches a community who discovers a communication within the workshop and gives a new understanding to dance. Diego Piñón is someone who inspires me to continue to create and perform.” Becca, Chicago, IL, Independent Choreographer

“Diego’s work is highly unique in its capacity to push participants through areas of emotional/physical/spiritual limitation and arrive at higher levels of general aliveness. He helps participants to symbolically articulate their discoveries of limitation and potential, thus their transformative energy is captured in an open, artistic state that can be returned to again and again. His work is a unique force in an international effort to develop and rediscover movements that will guide us into more conscious and dynamic relationships with the universe and ourselves.” Laura, MA, NYC, Teacher

“Diego Piñón’s work is essential to any aspiring dancer, artist, performer or anyone striving for spiritual health. Diego and the wisdom he offers is a blessing.” Ashley, Prescott, AZ, Dancer, College Student (Environmental Law)
“It is precisely the type of interactions developed in Diego’s workshops that are crucial for the development of culture, the arts and even society that regards community as important. With each workshop I also realize the commitment and patience that is required to developing an artistic language that passes through the physical, mental, emotional body, and is able to transcend itself and touch others. Discovering the multiplicity of life, how thing overlap and exchange. I find Diego to be an inspiring facilitator in defining and clarifying the nuances and ambiguities within the creative process.” Erin, New York City, Waitress, Dancer

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